Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Biological Clock...Tick Tock

Sometimes just sometimes my biological clock starts beeping and before I get a chance to to hit the "snooze button" I am fully aware that I am 37 and don't have any kids.

Mostly I don't care and it doesn't bother me at all...yesterday was not one of those day.

Yesterday I was hanging out with two of the cutest 7 month old twin girls. In addition to being just as cute as two bugs in a rug, they were happy babies that were laughing smiling and keeping me fully entertained.

And now I an aware of the very obvious fact that I am 37 years old and don't have kids....can you hear that. Its my mom cheering and The BF having a panic attack!!!

Calm down everyone!!!

I am not going to start trying to have a baby. It just means that even I I can be lured to the other side. It just means that occasionally I think I want a cute happy baby. Lucky for The BF and unlucky for my mom I have watched enough TV to know babies are not always cute and happy.

I also know I really like my life and having a baby will not make it any better.


  1. I don't usually comment, but I feel compelled to on this one. So I was so scared to have a kid. I totally felt like you do... like I like my life and having a kid would change that and I don't want that. But then for reason's I won't get into here, I did take the plunge. And while it is so true that babies are not always happy and smiley, I am amazed at how much I still love this kid even when she is crying and upset. I tell my husband all of the time how surprised I am that no one ever told us, how amazing and rewarding it is to have a child. Maybe it is because once they get older it is not so amazing and rewarding, but right now it is hands down the best thing I ever did. I wish more people would have told me that when I was all, "I don't know if I should have kids, I like my life." People told me I was not too old and that I should, but no one said how amazing and worth the changes and work it is. So now I feel like I should tell people, it is so worth everything, so if you get the chance I think you should do it. And as I am not much younger than you and considering having a second, so you would not be alone in the older Mom's club. :) (I can't figure out the comment as part, so this is Alison Arndt)

  2. Alison you are to sweet and your baby is to cute for words. I know its different when they are your child the whole process scares the crap out of me and I just dont think it is in the cards for me.

  3. God made those babies so cute and adorable with that good baby smell to lure us in and keep this who prcreation thing going. I've already given in and hope to join the ranks of motherhood. You stand firm and resist. LOL

    By the way I think it is Awesome that you like your life and know a baby could not make it better.

  4. Just read my comment and realized I didn't mean to sound like I was telling you to have kids, just that if you do it is very worth all the changes it causes. If you don't I have total respect and understanding of that as well. AA


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