Monday, March 26, 2012

Love is Patient...Right?

Some weekends I have no patience with my "pseudo" step-kids. These are usually the same weekends I have no  patience with the dogs, society or people in general. Luckily the dogs and society don't care that I have no patience with them. The "pseudo" step-kids on the other hand...well that is not good.

Its bad when I have a short fuse with them...right?

Okay I really don't need you to answer I know that is bad.

I don't know if we all just have cabin fever and need to go outside but recently I have felt on the edge of disaster most weekends that we have the kids.

The attitude of the teenager coupled with the whining of the 6yr old has me wanting to join the witness protection program.

So I am asking all my blogging friends...What do you do when the kids make you crazy?

Please please share.

I am desperate woman.


  1. I leave them with dad and run away - even just to the store - for a while.

    Or I make them clean their room, read a book, go outside, or everyone goes into time out in their own room.

    Or, I just run away (with another adult around, because my kids are 4 & 5).

  2. I can't imagine there is anything harder than parenting other people's children, so good on you for taking on the challenge of being a "pseudo" step-mum. Be aware children go through stages and yours might just be at a stage that particularly drives you nuts eg "whining". My ideas would include, lock yourself in the bathroom, enjoy a bubble bath ignore any noise from the rest of the house or plan activities that you can enjoy together ie go to the park/beach or to the movies or anything that gets you out and away from the "hothouse" environment and lets you interact without having to be cooped up together. Good luck.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions. I really like the bubble bath idea. I think we need to incorporate some me time and some family fun time into our routine.

  3. Try the library Mj. Teenagers are hard animals to deal with, but coupled with a 6 yr old and you have the makings of a major blow up. It kinda sounds like you need time away from everything right now though.

  4. I've used headphones (for myself) just to get away for awhile. :)

    1. Thats a good idea...I was thinking of exercising just to have a moment. But that seemed to drastic


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