Sunday, March 25, 2012

EWW....That is so Gross

Do you ever do this....

Find a recipe on Pinterest, the internet, in a cookbook,from your mom and think to yourself dang that sounds good. But then decide to modify the recipe because you know it would be so much better if you just change it a little bit.

I refer to this as food experimenting.

While its cooking it smells so cook the aroma fills the house and instantly every one is hungry and asking is it done yet.

Then you sit down to eat and you think....OH MY HELL THIS IS HORRIBLE!!!!

But now you have only one option...keep eating.

You know if you say anything the kids will immediately start complaining and they are currently eating like they have not been feed in 3 days (thank you bacon for always smelling so good when you cook).

You start to wonder were did you go wrong...all the ingredients are so good and it smelled so yummy. Deciding it doesn't matter you immediately cross it off your list of foods that are easy to make until the "pseudo" step-daughter says to you this is one of her favorite breakfast next to pancakes, waffles and scrambled eggs. This is very high praise in my family.

You try and figure out what you can do to it that wont change the taste to much but will make it edible to you. Then you remember something very very very really dislike one of the ingredients. Not sure how you forgot but forget you did.

Discouraged you look at the family and wonder what the hell is wrong with you people this is not good food. But as you watch them happily eat you decide you could handle eating it once a month....okay once every two months.

Is it just me or does this also happen to you?


  1. Oh yes...and I agree, you remain silent and keep smiling, although we don't like it. And once every 2 months will work! ;)

    1. It may be one of those things I prepare in the advance and then cook when I have to be somewhere else...Look family I am so awesome I made your favorite food even though I wont be here to eat it.


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