Saturday, March 24, 2012

Live or Let Die

Its been awhile since I have written a post like this one. In fact I thought that maybe, just maybe I had changed and I was finally starting to be graceful.

Okay maybe not graceful but less clumsy. I still cut and/or burn myself when I am cooking and I often walk into walls or "bump" into the corner of my desk. But I haven't had any real injuries in awhile. 

That was until the last 24 hours....It has been a very eventful 24 hours.

Last night while walking through the local mega store, I was checking out a patio furniture display. As I turned away from the furniture I lost my footing and fell. I am pretty sure that my texting and walking while wearing a pair of slingback wedge shoes had nothing to do with me falling. When I landed I put my hand out to stop my fall . 

This however did not my stop me from falling...I know I was shocked also. What it did do was cause me to jam my wrist. I also landed on my knee and on my elbow on my other arm. The worse part was that I dropped my phone and it went in 3 different directions. Despite my injuries and being in pain, my main concern was of course my phone.

Then not 30 minutes ago I tripped over a small decorative garbage can. Once again I put my arm out to stop my fall...(why do I keep doing that it doesn't stop me from getting hurt). And I smacked my arm against the edge of the window sill. 
I have bruises every where.

Add to all of this the burst blood vessel in my eye and any day now I am expecting the casting director of The Walking Dead to call and ask me to be an extra on the show because I wont need any make up.

Some things never changes.

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