Friday, March 23, 2012

The Touch the Feel of Cotton

Today as I am at working slaving away The BF is off somewhere buying stuff I am sure he doesn't need. While talking to him I suggested he buy me something and his response was less than enthusiastic. To be honest it was a little rude. He made some vague there is no big holiday to buy gifts comment. I reminded him that we have an upcoming anniversary and I got another rude comment.

I was reminded of past blog post when I was wondering if we should celebrate the anniversary of our first date (January 8) or if we should celebrate it in April which was when we both said I love you (I am sure he wants me to point out he said it first). 

When ever suggest anything about our anniversary The BF gets all huffy and starts saying things like we are not married we don't have an anniversary. Or fine I will buy you a candy bar!!! Which of course is a horrible gift for the second anniversary...everyone knows that is the cotton anniversary.

WHAT!!! COTTON!!! That's kind of lame. I have a lot of cotton in my life (I love cotton) I don't need The BF buying more.

So I Googled the 2nd anniversary gift and I got a few ideas.

2nd Anniversary Traditional Gift :
Cotton. As a material, cotton is both durable and versatile. These are both important qualities in a successful marriage. Cotton has also been known as a symbol of great prosperity.

2nd Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift:
China. Many people describe love as being elegant and beautiful. In the same way many people view love, china is seen as elegant and beautiful, too.

2nd Anniversary Gemstone:

2nd Anniversary Color:

2nd Anniversary Flower:
The meaning of the cosmos flower is modesty.

Ways to Celebrate Your 2nd Anniversary:
Plan a Cotton Club themed evening together and listen to jazz music.
Plan a movie night and watch your wedding video. (Obviously I cant do this but I left it you for all you married couples)
Get tickets for a movie, sports event, concert, theatre, etc. to attend together.

Gift Suggestions to Purchase for Your 2nd Anniversary:
Cotton T-shirts.
Cotton plush towels.
Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases.
Rope hammock.
Garnet jewelry.*

I am very excited for the 3rd anniversary that is the leather anniversary and that just has so much naughty potential

By the way honey I have decided that we will be celebrate our anniversary on April 15th...please embrace this idea and plan accordingly.

*Hint Hint honey I like this idea the best!!!!


  1. I have never had Egyptian cotton sheets but I bet they feel heavenly! I can't believe you bf made those comments... how close was he standing to you when he said it? :)

  2. I love Egyptian cotton. I have come to realize that boys/men make dumb comments often. Its good to ignore them when they do that.


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