Monday, December 27, 2010

Celebrate Good Times or Not

So The BF and I have been dating for almost a year. In fact our 1st date was 1/8/10 and I am debating do we celebrate that as our anniversary (as you know I am all about gifts and parties) or do we celebrate in April which is when we both stopped acting like idiots and admitted we were dating?

You see The BF and I had both been through some messy disastrous relationships that were not only hazardous to our health but dangerous to all those around. So to say that we both have commitment issues is an understatement. We have the whole damn subscription. For months after we started texting we danced around meeting, then after we started "hanging out" neither one of us wanted to label our relationship as anything other than friends with benefits. Slowly we admitted to dating and then one of us said the "L" word.

Yes one of us said I love you and no it wasn't me!!!! The BF said I love you to me one day when we were walking through his garage. I am not sure what inspired this but he said it quietly and I barely heard him. I turned and ask what did you say and he said nothing. So not being sure if he was talking to me or his truck, I tried not to freak out. After all I had been avoiding emotional entanglements for years and try to keep my commitments to the bare minimum. And here I am with a great guy that I have so much in common with like sex and coffee, and this great guy may have said I love you to me. After my initial panic induced hysteria (that surprisingly I keep under control while I was with him) I relaxed and realised that I loved him also. It took me another 3 weeks to say it and by then I was sure he was saying it to me and not his truck.

So my question to my 26 followers when do we celebrate our 1 year anniversary. I feel its important to acknowledge we have been together for a tear (which is the 2nd longest relationship I have ever had). Do we celebrate on the anniversary of our 1st date or when we both acknowledge how important we are to each other?


  1. I think you should celebrate both! More gifts right :D but also because it sounds like both were very big stepping stones for both of you and isn't that what an anniversary is all about?

  2. I vote for the date of the first date:)

  3. I'm not sure that I should give any suggestions since I and my husband forgot our wedding anniversary last year. You make good points. I don't think that Bruce and I celebrated the anniversary of the first time we dated but we have acknowledged it every year. January 1, 2000 is a fun date to remember whatever the reason. :) I can see how the monumental moment of saying I love you could be equivalent to marriage in this stage of your relationship and when people marry that anniversary is celebrated instead of the first date. That being said I've already made arrangements for babysitters so Bruce and I can go celebrate the anniversary of our first date 11 years ago. So go ahead and make both special.

  4. Tyler and I celebrate our anniversary on the first day we went out, November 1st, and unanimously agreed to not celebrate the day we got a piece of paper signed.
    Either way would work, though. You should discuss it with him and decide what you both feel comfortable with.

  5. Thanks for your feedback...I will et you know what we decide. And by we I mean me cause The BF doesnt care and looks at me like I have a horn growing out of my head when I mention it.

  6. Blake and I always celebrated the day we started dating, January 22, until we got married anyway ;-).... Sorry I'm a little slow on the uptake here. I finally got a chance to check out your blog, and I gotta say.... Love it girl!!! You are so witty and fun! Can't wait to read more!


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