Thursday, January 6, 2011

My BF is MacGyver's Long Lost Son

Apparently you can still learn something new about your BF even if you have been dating for a year. For instance you can learn that your BF is MacGyver's love child. After spending the week with him and his kids I am convinced that My BF could build a nuclear reactor out of a candy wrapper, gun powder and duct tape.

I spent the last week of 2010 with My BF and his kids. We had an enjoyable week full of laziness, movies and candy. Since I knew I was going to be there for an extended stay I brought with me all the trappings to make my green drink except of course for the blender. I knew that he had a Magic Bullet Express Blender. A very handy gadget that's great for all sorts of things. If you don't believe me just stay up late one night until you see the infomercial and you too will be ordering one to replace the heavier clunkier kitchen gadgets you currently own. *wink* Everything was going great until New Years Eve Day, when I decided to make some Green Drink and the Magic Bullet Express DID NOT WORK. And no amount of shaking, banging or pleading was going to make it work. I was all upset that I would not have anymore Green Drink until I returned home. The BF was upset because I broke his Magic Bullet. I was not sure this was that big of a deal I mean I break stuff all the time. Just ask my mom how many electric can openers she's had to replace or how many kitchen items I have destroyed but The BF was very upset. So I decided I will go buy a new one for him and he decided to take the Magic Bullet apart to see what I had done to the thing.

Knowing that I have a long history of breaking things permanently I figured that the thing was not going to work and my stress of replacing it was steadily increasing with every, "Babe, how did you do that." and "Babe, Babe..what did you do." Plus its not that easy to just find the power base. They want you to buy a whole new kit. Soon I was on eBay looking for used Magic Bullets when I hear the magical wwwhhhrrrrr sound of an appliance fixed. Seriously its fixed. I have no idea how he did that. No one has ever been able to fix anything I have broken which is why I believe he is the Love Child of MacGyver. I am also more and more convinced that this is truly the guy for me. Just think of all the money I will save on not having to replacing every gadgets/machine I brake. The question now is what will I brake next.


  1. I dont think I have ever seen you giggle. ;)

  2. Hilarious!!... Well, I know who to call next time I have a gadget/machine breakdown. ;-)


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