Friday, January 7, 2011

IT Girl

The other day I was observing my very cute 3 yr old niece "texting" on her play phone. This both amused and made me a bit reflective. Lets be honest I remember life before the ever present cell phone when I was excited to get my 1st cordless landline phone. I remember getting my 1st cell phone in college and being excited that I would no longer miss calls. And I could call my roommate to tell her to get the blender ready cause I passed/failed a physics test and we are having margarita night to celebrate/mourn. I started to wonder what my mother sees my niece doing that cause her to be amazed. Does she stare at the 8 year old as she logs on to watch missed episodes of iCarly amazed? Does my grandma watch the the kids in awe as they navigate the complicated DVR settings? And then I was wondering is all this technology good or bad? Growing up in life before every home had a home computer let alone a lap top I think technology has enhanced my life but I have grown fond of no internet weekends. But only when its my choice, if the lack of technology is because something is broken I have a nervous breakdown. Then I started thinking about all the stuff I do on the internet in addition to my blog, I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Flickster, Goodreads, Myfamily, and Flicker. I think that everything In addition to that I have a total of 6 different email address...Yes that's 6 emails including my work email. I tried internet dating on eHarmony but that didn't work for me. I really don't have a point to all this I was just reflecting on how different life is now combared to 30 years ago.

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  1. I so agree! Technology is both a blessing and, at times, a curse! I work from home as a medical transcriptionist, so I am very, very thankful for modern technology! And don't even get me started on my smart-phone... I love Facebook, Twitter, and my email. Not to mention all the places I like to shop, etc. But, there are days that I miss the simpler times....


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