Thursday, March 22, 2012

This is the Thought that Never Stops

Do you ever have a thought that never goes away?

You have an idea to share but you cant get it to come out right.

You try and try but it doesn't want to be written.

So you move on and try to write something else knowing that when the time is right it will come out.

But you can't write anything else because this thought wont be filled away.

Every day the issue pops up. Over and over.

No matter what fun exciting things you do, it is there.

No matter what bizarre and crazy things happen, it is waiting.

No matter what awesome books you are reading this thought is there begging to be told but unable to be expressed.

Well that is where I am at right now!!! I have so much to say and share, not to mention book reviews, but nothing will come out because of this one idea wanting to be expressed.

I have decided to write every day until I am able to express it...even if all I am saying is I still cant express it.

This is going to be may also prove I am crazy.

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