Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mrs. Brady had Alice

I have so many posts and thoughts running through my head that I cant decide what to write about instead I am going to focus on the lazy housewife in me.

I am horribly lazy. I need to qualify that statement I am only lazy at work I am super productive. Maybe super productive is an exaggeration but I get what I need to get done when I need to get it done. But at home as I have mentioned before I have a lot of half finished projects.

But beyond the project I have all these half finished household chores. For example the laundry is done and everyone had put their laundry away except for clothes are still sitting on the coffee table folded and in piles but still sitting there 4 days later.

It takes 4 days for me to clean the bathroom:

  • 1 day to clean toilet.
  • 1 day to clean my defense it is a big jetted tub.
  • 1 day to mop floor 
  • 1 day to clean the mirror and sink.
What I am busy and I work hard and I am tired and I want to relax on the weekends and I was single for so long and I developed really bad cleaning habits...and I don't care.

The BF on the other hand cares. It makes him crazy that I say I am going to do something and then I don't do it and he ends up doing it. Really its just that I haven't got around to doing it yet and then he gets frustrated from waiting and we have the discussion about it taking me forever to do something and he needing to be patient cause no one is dying so it doesn't need to be done immediately. This usually ends up with one or both of us angry at the other one.

I understand why he gets is very annoying the way I clean.

But I am working on getting the chore done on the day I say I will do it.

What I really need is Alice from the Brady Bunch.

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