Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

Its Tuesday and already I can tell you its not a good week for me.

In addition to discovering some not nice things people have been saying, I also have a sinus infection. I'm really struggling to find the funny lighter side in this week but I am having a hard time doing that so instead I am going to focus on the things that are really good right now. 

Instead of a Thankful Thursday we are having Thankful Tuesday....I know I am such a rebel.
  1. A very supportive BF. His outrage on my behalf along with his sweetness really made my day better. Add in his endless compliments about my experimental dinner and I am one lucky girl.
  2. Kick butt Sisters. My sister and I don't always agree but they are always there to stand up with me and make me laugh. (Or laugh at me)
  3. Sympathetic Mom. Not only can she sympathize with me but she often talks me down of the ledge of the crazy I work to keep buried.
  4. Co-workers that always make me feel necessary to the office. 
Thanks everyone for being in my life.


  1. Adding to #5 - thankful for your blog with the blogging community.

    Thank you, MJ, for sharing this post. It means a lot because I've also discovered some false news people are saying in my workplace. And this post reminds me to be thankful rather than letting disappointments overshadow the beautiful things I still have.

  2. Sometimes you have to focus on all the good to make it though the bad.


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