Saturday, March 10, 2012

Guest Posting at Chasing Joy

I am so I am guest posting over at Chasing Joy.

I meet the person behind Chasing Joy, Arlett, on Twitter during #commenthour...I think. She is such a warm and kind person that I feel like I have know her for years despite having never met her in person. She has an amazingly open and honest blog that is an inspiration to me not just as a blogger but as a person. She speaks to everyone who has ever lost their way no matter how brief.
In her own words:  
Chasing Joy is a blog about me, a woman in her 30s who has overcome the most difficult time in her life by focusing on and going after Joy.

In about a year and a half my life changed and the vision I had of my future was erased. I lost myself to the sadness. I could not find my way back to that light-hearted and optimistic girl that I use to be, not to mention I also gained 40lbs (gasp!!!) in a year due to all the stress.

This quest for Joy is my way back to being happy and staying happy again after so much heartache; to not only find my old self but to improve upon it. 

While checking out my post, Chasing Joy and Kids, please check out her story. You can also find Chasing Joy on Twitter or Chasing Joy Facebook Page.

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  1. MJ, it was really sweet what you shared over there. Leaving my comments in Chasing Joy ;)


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