Friday, March 9, 2012

I Deeply Regret My Choice

Sometimes there comes a moment in your life when you are struck with how many bad choices you have made in your life. You are left with regret, fear and the overwhelming desire to go back in time and change.

For me that moment came on Tuesday night when I stepped out of the bathroom after showering.

When I opened the door I noticed a few things:
  1. The light was on in the hallway
  2. My house was unusually quite
  3. The BF, "pseudo" step-daughter and the dogs were missing. (The cat had been in the bathroom with me).
I normal person would not have jumped to the conclusion I did. A normal person would have immediately thought "I bet The BF took the kids to The Ex-Wife/Friend...its that time of the day. I bet they left in a hurry and left the light on and I bet they let the dogs out before they left."

This was not my first thought and if you are relate to me, a close friend or have spent any time reading my blog you are not surprised that my immediate thought wasn't normal.

My immediate thought ran more towards;
  1. Alien abduction (I don't believe in aliens)
  2. Michael Myers, from Halloween movies, type killer has kidnapped my family.
  3. Spontaneous combustion.
(Notice I didn't think it was the Rapture because then I would have been gone and The BF would have been left behind because I am much nicer than him ....hahahaha. Sorry that was a bad joke.)

After I had my initial crazy thoughts my mind settled and I realized that everything was fine. That is when I started to question the choices I had made in my life. Not all the choices just the one that involved me watching every horror movie every made and reading all the suspense,horror/paranormal books. I was really beginning to regret those choice.

Now I am thinking I should have made more wholesome movie and book choices...things I could watch with my mom and books I can discuss with my grandma.

Is it to late to change?

Of course I am betting the damage is already done and my psyche is beyond repairable. Plus I did just get a new horror book on my Kindle...


  1. I told you that you watched too many of those movies!!!!

  2. Hilarious! I am home alone for the night and am making VERY careful bedtime reading choices. I have Neil Gaiman's Sandman waiting for me, but tonight it is just going to have to wait longer. Right now I am going to read Taft 2012! Time for me to go laugh with my jolly old fat man :)


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