Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Suppressing the Real Me

Yesterday I went on a job interview. Over the past few days I have been pondering the interview process.

Lets take a minute and reflect on interview questions.

"Tell me your biggest weakness"...we all know this is a trip you up question and everyone is going to say something like "I'm just to dedicated to my work." (I know you have said before) If we were being honest we would say I am horrible addicted to Pinterest or in my case I would say I don't pick up after myself at home, from the moment I walk in the door I leave a trail of items and clothing in my wake. This will affect my ability to be on time to work because I will be searching the house for a missing shoe which I may not find and I will have to change my entire outfit to work with the shoes I did find. (I was not asked this question...thank goodness. Also I am hardly late for work any more...I pick out my shoes first)

"Do you have any questions for us"...I am not sure why people ask this question. I have conducted interviews before and asked this question and I am always unsure what I want the applicant to say. I often hope they say no because what if I cant answer their question. Is this question just to make sure we are clear on what the job entails and the benefits? Are we, as the ones being interviewed, suppose to come up with a cleaver question to show how smart we are and that we researched the company? (I was asked this question...my answer was not my best work)

Lets move on to how do you dress for an interview?

There is an old saying that says dress for the job you want not the job you have (or trying to get)...that's just silly because if I dressed like a rock star or maybe cat woman then no one would hire me. At least not here in Utah although I understand that their are places in Nevada that will pay you extra for that. Every time I have a job interview I spend more time than I should planning the perfect conservative and appropriate outfit that says I am a professional and comfortable in all office settings instead of saying my band has a gig at the Roxy tonight (I don't have a band nor do I have any musical talent..at all but that doesn't stop me from dreaming). Its a thin line I walk when it comes to my wardrobe.

Oh well now I just get to wait for the dreaded rejection letter or the congratulation phone call.


  1. Whatever the result, MJ, remember you're amazing! Happy International Women's Day!

    1. Thanks Jamie...I need a little positive enforcement this week

  2. Nevada, eh? Dangerous Business! LOL. My coolest interview answer, "Everything I know about business I learned from my hair." :)

  3. It would be fun to do a job interview and be 100% completely honest. I'd never have the courage to actually do that though.

    1. They asked what my long term plan was and I said I dont have one. Not my best moment. lol


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