Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just Me and The Dogs...and the Cat

You may have heard I had the house all to myself for a few hours last night.

You may have thought that Girl Named Michael is rather kooky and a bit strange...I bet she did something crazy.

You may have wondered if I walked around the house naked and then watched True Blood while sipping red wine from a large wine glass wondering when Vampire Erik will take his clothes off again.

The answer would be no I didn't do any of those things. (It does sound like fun and I am adding it to my bucket list).

Instead of red wine I had a root beer float to drink.

Instead of naked I went with comfortable pajamas.

Instead of True Blood I watched Mad Men.

Instead of pondering if Erik will get naked (I am pondering it now) I wondered if all woman in 1960 had such glamorous night gowns.

Some days I am to nerdy for my own good.

Next time I am going to lie about how I spend the evening.

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