Monday, April 2, 2012

I am Much Better at my Job then Being a Girlfriend

Last week I talked about not knowing how to keep my relationship fresh, fun and moving forward. In my exploration on making sure I don't take The BF for granted to often and get stuck in a rut (which I think is what I was trying to say then). I learned a few things about me that I didn't like but I am unsure how to fix.

I realized that I don't apply all my special skills and talents to my relationship that I should. Not those kind of skills...those skills I use often (sorry mom), I am referring to patience, empathy, sympathy, listening and problem solving (its what makes me so good at my job). I am really good at all of those things unless you are taking about my relationship...I tend to leave all those skills at the office.

I have no idea why I do this. These skills come in handy at home as much as they do at work.

Is it because I do it all the time at work and I then to tired to do it at home?

Is it because no one is paying me to do it at home? (That's an interesting idea).

Or is it because until I started typing this post I never thought..."Hey start being as patient with The BF, mom, sisters, "pseudo" step-kids as you are with your clients."

This is not going to be easy.

I am not a very patient person.

I really just want everyone to do what I tell them to do when I tell them to do it without any argument. I don't thinks that is to much to ask.

Is it?


  1. the really great part about you saying this MJ is that I feel the exact same way. I get home and my patience is GONE!!!! I can't seem to take those same skills I have for work, and use them with the people I need to the most. Thank you for reminding me to try harder at it.

  2. I know what you mean - is it maybe that we get home and just want to indulge ourselves instead of serve someone else? Is it we get into our house and then it's okay to be selfish? Not sure.

  3. I think a lot of people are more patient, empathetic, etc... with outsiders than those closest to us. I think part of it is we expect more from those we are closest too.

    Good of you to realize ho to bring those skills home to the BF :-)

  4. We ALL want people to do what we want without any argument. But, alas, that's really not how life works.

    But, now that you've had this epiphany, I bet things change for you :)

  5. What an interesting insight you have made.


    I thought I'd be able to pop off a quick comment, but I need to think this one over and come back. Good, thought-provoking post!

    ~Tui, from #commenthour


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