Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Your Sin is Not My Sin

Have I mentioned I am doing an awesome bible study with friends???? I am not sure why I ask these questions I know I have at least once. (I bet so I can do a shameless link to a previous post).

As I was saying I am doing a bible study with friends its an awesome bible study titled Resolution for Women. Yesterday we explored a section called My Integrity. We had a wonderful discussion about the things we keep hidden from others. You know the books, movies, actions you don't want people from your church to know about it. For me it was a series of books I hide under my bed. Not because I am ashamed others will see them but because I don't want the kids to find them...(I never had this problem when I was single).

During the discussion one of the women in the group looked at me and another lady (the other lady just happens to be Ex-Wife/Friend) in the group and said we 3 need to repent for our relationships.....WHAT? Did you just tell me I need to repent? 

A first I had no idea what she was talking about...I was stumped. Then I realized that she was referring to the 3 of us not being married and having a physically intimate relationship with our partners. In case you didn't get that we are having sex before we are married.

I was immediately I am sure most people would be when someone is saying you are bad, very very bad.

I explained that I was in a committed relationship and The BF and I are very committed to each other and I didn't believe God was going to punish me for being in that relationship. Despite having sex before we are married. I know its not a very Christian attitude but I truly don't think He is worried about that part of my life.  

Another woman in the group said, " I think God has standards and guidelines he wants us to follow and marriage before sex is one of them."

Are you telling me God has a check list. I doubt it.  He will judge me by my heart and to me living with The BF is just as much as a commitment for us as marriage is to some. I really believe that I will be in this relationship until one of us dies and I may never have a wedding (although I would like one I need new towels).

I think the friend didn't want to be alone in her "sin". She believes her relationship is wrong and whats "absolution" through numbers or maybe just support and justification for her actions. Which is not something I can give her if she believes she is sinning she needs to take that up with God and clergy. 

I am not trying to justify my relationship with The BF or God. I am not even sure why I am writing all this or if it makes sense. I just need to express myself so I will be able to move forward and stop being upset with my friend.


  1. It is also a sin to cast judgment. Just sayin'. I think it was rude of her to just come out and say that in front of the group. That's not her business. Its between you and God.

  2. I agree with lindsey that is not the way to approach the subject, there are actual specific guidelines on how to approach someone in the Bible.

    We will have to agree to disagree on the matter as a whole. Even though I have carried this sin in the past I've also learned through experience why God has it planned to be in a marriage and not outside.

    I hope this doesn't hurt our relationship.

  3. I was about to spout off and looking up the page I see that Lindsey hit the nail on the head.

    ~Tui, from #commenthour

  4. For me, my relationship with God is personal. I have been to church, have been taught things from the bible but at the end of the day, He is the one who I answer to.
    I've heard Joyce Meyer say quite often, God knows what you're going to do long before you do. He doesn't walk into the relationship judging you.

  5. I read this before I went to sleep last night and it gave me nightmares. Thanks!

  6. MJ, speaking as one who lives in that type of "sinful" relationship... :-P
    So WHAT!?!? I have to agree with Lindsey and, awriterisborn, on this one, God is a part of everything. He sees all, knows all, and is well aware of what we're doing before it even happens. This is something that He will judge us on, not someone else. And it wasn't right of anyone to point out the fact, in public, that you "need to work on that!" Shame on her.


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