Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do You Need any Meat..I Have a Gift Card

Not that long ago The BF and I were in the mall. We normally don't do this (too many teenagers) but we needed a few gifts. We walked around holding hands, giggling and eating pretzel bites (when in Rome...).

As usual The BF got distracted by the local electronic accessories store. Since this store bores me I decided to check out all the booths from local vendors/stores in our town (they were having some kind of support your local stores event).

I bought some jewelry, tasted samples of food, had a chiropractor tell me my neck is out of alignment (duh). I also entered a drawing.

All I had to do was guess the number of jelly beans in a big glass jar. I wrote down my contact info looked at the jar and made a guess.

I cant remember what number I picked but I nailed it and I won.

What did I win you ask???

I won a $100 gift card to Sherwin Williams paint.

When I told The BF he was beyond happy and started making plans. He said we should stock up on meat and maybe we should get some good steaks and treat ourselves. He said maybe get some chicken if they sell chicken.

Picture if you can me sitting at my desk at work over joyed that I won...anything. I have already called 5 people and announced it to the entire office that I won the gift card. Everyone knows that my house is covered in painted sections as I decide what colors I like. I am, and I am not kidding, so excited I can't sit still. It's Christmas, Easter and Arbor day all rolled into one.

Now imagine my confusion at The BF wanting to buy chicken with my gift card, "I don't think they sell chicken. Do you know what Sherwin William is?"

He said, "Yeah they sell food that they deliver to your house."

Now I get it he is thinks its the Schwann delivery people...which I would like to say would be a very good gift card to win.

"Baby, Its the paint store so we can start painting the house."

See that yellow spot on the of my paint samples.
I would like to take a moment and say that I tried very hard not to laugh while I was talking to The BF... seriously I tried really really hard. I am sure a few giggles escaped but I couldn't help.

I cant stop laughing about it. He thought we would get chicken and its paint instead. I am still laughing about it.

(For those of you who think I am bad for laughing so much about this (you know who you are) I would like to point out that The BF is always teasing my about things I say and tripping over my own feet).

Yellow spot behind my blender...paint sample The BF Hates
I do think he was equally excited about the paint. Honestly I do. For months and months and months...okay a year or longer we have had square shapes painted all over the house as I decide what color I want to paint. This is making The BF crazy. He hates these squares. He is constantly complaining about them and asking when we are going to start painting.

I know its not a steak but in this case paint is just as good!!!!


  1. I would LOVE a steak, but I want to see the house more, esp when you're done with the painting. Congrats!!

  2. When are you going to tell us the colors?

  3. I lost my little sample thing with all the colors I will go get a new one and take a picture.


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