Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Amazing

I was not going to blog today.

Well not on the blog. I wrote a post on A Girl Named Michael Read a Book.

But then I read the following passage..."If he never does anything different, if he never changes or becomes anyone other than the man he is right now, can you love him, honor him and commit yourself to him for the rest of your life?"

This question had had my mind a buzz with thoughts.

In my varied past I have often gone into relationships thinking that I could change my man into the man I want him to become. I often said its because I could see his potential and wanted him to be a better man. My reasons were always noble and self sacrificing or that's what I would tell myself. I really can twist my bad behavior and make myself look good.

With age has come a little (like tiny) wisdom. I know that I can not change someone any more than I can control peoples reactions to life. (And belief me I have tried to control others). 

But have a truly left my bad behavior behind? Depends on who you ask? My mom will say no. She will say all her kids are demanding and we need to control the world around us. And she is right I am but I do know that I am trying to not control and change The BF. (The rest of the world obviously needs my help.)

The BF is not perfect but than neither I am. I try and remember for everything he does that makes me want to scream I do something that makes him want to bang his head against a wall. The key is to accept that he will always do that thing and it may make you always want to scream but to acknowledge it and decide that you cant scream about it for the next 50 years and get over it.

I am not sure what I am trying to say, this seems to happen a lot recently, and I am not debating the merits of my man and relationship. But I am reminded he is a good guy that deserves my support and respect even when we disagree on everything. 

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  1. So true! I know it's a lesson I had to learn myself.
    All those diamond's in the rough! lol
    Gonna borrow that quote! Awesome one!!!!


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