Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Put Some Effing Clothes On

I try not to rant and rave on my blog. I like happy funny posts or posts about improving my personality.

So its rare that I rant about a topic but today I am going on a rant.

I am tired of seeing people walking around in their pajama pants.Yesterday at 2PM I saw a couple pushing a baby stroller wearing t-shirts and pajama pants. Seriously, what is so hard about putting on some clothes??? Really is it so difficult for you to get out of bed and put on a pair of jeans instead of those ugly pajama pants.

We all know you did not just wake up and decide to take the baby for a walk and were to busy to get dressed. Admit it you have been up for hours decided to go for a walk on this beautiful day and instead of putting on a pair of jeans you slipped into a clean pair of pajama pants.

They don't say I am to cool to care what I am wearing they say I am a lazy slop.

But my annoyance goes further than just a lack of style by so many people in my small town.

The other day as I was walking out of the county courthouse I see a couple and their daughter walking in...I cant help but over hear the mother saying to the girl, "I cant believe you are wearing this to court. Its inappropriate." I look over at mom and her outfit is almost identical to her daughters. Maybe if we want our children to dress in a fitting manner then we should do so also.

And why we are on the subject do not go to court in shorts, tank top and flip flops. It will just annoy the judge and you will have to come back when you are dressed appropriately.

I would like to add that if you are really ill/your appendix ruptures (true story before I let The BF drive me to the hospital when my appendix ruptured I changed out of my pajama pants and into my yoga pants) you are entitled to go to the store/hospital to get medicine/have surgery in yoga pants*. As long as they are nice looking and you brush your hair also.

*It is always okay to go to the store in workout pants or yoga pants if you have just been working out.


  1. When I was in college I went to a local college that had dorms. I commuted, but my Spanish class was held in the same building as some of the dorms. One day I brought my younger brother to class with me so he could see what college was like and not be so intimidated by it.

    NOTE: We both went to 12 years of catholic school where we had to wear uniforms every single day to class.

    Well, when we got to class, half of my class was in their PJs even though it was 3pm!! The most frightening thing of all? I would not have even noticed if my brother didn't point it out to me! They must have been doing it all semester and I never even realized it!

    It drive me crazy for the rest of my four years every single time I saw someone in class in their PJs.

    As for my brother, he went straight into the Marines after graduating! I guess he just HAD to ensure he was surrounded by properly attired people every day! :D

  2. I really noticed what sloppy dressers Americans are after living overseas (Italy & Belgium) where people dress better, in general.

    I do miss, however, the little town I lived in where once a year they would give free coffee to anyone who wore their pj's shopping. People really got into it in a cute, playful way. But - hey - this was just one day!


  3. LOL. There was one summer several ago where I had a uniform I wore all the time. Pink pajama pants with hearts on them and a tank top. I stopped after my kids started telling me I wasn't being very stylish. (It was an awfully depressed time for me!)

    Anyway - enjoyed your rant & I am happy to report the only place I where pajama pants is to sleep!

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  4. I have to admit I went through a phase like this in high school. I remember it used to be "cool" to do to the diner with your friends wearing pjs pants. I'm just as guilty of wearing PJs too much during the day, but now I only do it at home!


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