Thursday, May 3, 2012

Irony You are a Pair of Shoes

Recently I told you about an eventful trip (pun intended) to the local mega store when I lost my footing and fell. I injured my hand and dropped my phone and fully embarrassed myself on the security cameras (I wouldn't be surprised to see the whole thing on youtube).

Well on Friday I once again lost my footing. This time it was not at the store in front of the security cameras but in front of my office building in front of the security cameras.

It was just a little fall and I caught myself before my whole body hit the pavement.

Unfortunately for me I stopped myself with the same hand I hurt the last time I fell. And while I thought it was no big deal my wrist 5 days later is still throbbing and it hurts when I move it.

And while I am debating the merits of going to the Dr for an Xray and trying to decide if I should tell my mom, I realize one very important itty bitty fact. I was wearing the same shoes both times I fell. I am not saying it was the shoes, I fall a lot, but maybe next time I wear them I should be sure to hold on to the railing for my own protection.

I know some of you are saying maybe I should toss the shoes....but common these shoes are to cute not to wear. And wear often!!!!


  1. Those aren't dangerous shoes. They're wedges, not spikes. And shoes cannot have bad or good luck. I am glad you aren't making innocent shoes suffer needlessly!

  2. You should have gotten a red cast to match your shoes.


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