Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Challenged The ExWife

About 2 weeks ago The ExWife/Friend and I challenged each other to only spend $20 month on extras for the summer.

What are extras you ask...for her and I its books, jewelry, purses, nail polish, did I mention books. For the two of us its mostly books. In fact its because of books that she and I really started talking. So I guess you could say that books are the reason I meet The BF.

One day we were sitting in court, she is a probation officer, I am a victim advocate, she was reading High Five by Janet Evanovich (I love Stephanie Plum). I asked if she has read other in the series and it turns out she had and was rereading the whole series (I had just reread them myself). We started talking became friends and then she introduced me to her ex-husband.

What does that touching story have to do with the challenge...not a thing. Except it shows are love of books.

And now, because of the challenge, I am trying to figure out how to justify buying two books that come out this month when I only have money for one...don't judge that nail color was a total justified purchase.

Even without a new nail polish I would only have money for 1 book.

Now how do I rationalize the purchase of two books?


  1. Are they possibly going to have it at your local library? Could she buy one and you the other then switch? Good luck with your summer challenge!

  2. She is not buying them. She hasn't started either series...I think she is hoping I will lend her my copies!!!!

    I will have to check my library but I just discovered one of my other friends is getting one of the books so she is letting me borrow it.

  3. Which book is it? I can do some detective work and possibly find you a copy if you have an e-reader.

  4. Maybe have her buy one and you buy the other LOL

  5. Maybe you and the exwife could pool your money. But then would that defeat the purpose of the challenge?

    1. We often enjoy different things. Plus I forgot all about the challenge bought the book and then bought a new purse. I guess that is the key.


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