Monday, June 11, 2012

Snap Crackle...I Needed a Break

I cant believe its been a week since I have posted anything on my blog!!!!

Okay I really can believe it...I had a mental/emotional break from reality last week and needed to regroup.

Its possible I am exaggerating but last week I was depressed.

You would think I would be okay. I got my cast off after only 4 weeks. I was back to normal (relatively speaking) only I wasn't really back to my self.

My hand was all stiff and repetitive motions like typing was very painful and for some reason I cried during commercials!!!! COMMERCIALS!!!! Not even very touching or sad commercials just random commercials. I don't cry during commercials I make fun of people who cry during commercials.  Maybe it was karma for making fun of people, Maybe it was stress and needing a brake. Maybe it was a bout of depression...who knows.

It was probably all three.

Any way I am feeling much better....I am only going to do a few post this weeks. I will be posting the last few guest post I received then I am back to my normal posting.

Thanks again everyone who helped me out.

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