Friday, July 6, 2012

Problems in the Bedroom?

The BF and I are having some bedroom problems. We have had problems for awhile but it became a big deal on our recent vacation.

Oh wait not those types of bedroom problems...we are fine in that area. This is a much more intimate problem.

You see The BF is a cuddlier in his sleep and I am more of a don't touch me or I am going to freak out. In fact don't even accidentally be on my side of the bed or I am going to have a nervous brake down. (I may have several issues).

I am not sure at what point this became an issue for me. But I really don't want anyone near me when I sleep not even the cat.

At home we work around this issues by having a really big bed so I can have my space without sleeping in a separate room but on our vacation we had a little queen size bed and The BF accidentally touched me several times...I would instantly wake up and demand that he not touch me anymore. Usually in a not very nice way.

Okay it was a very mean way. Really really mean...that bordered on my head spinning around and demons possessing my soul. I don't like to be woken up especially if it is because someone touches me. (Sometimes I wonder why he doesn't run screaming into the night I am so crazy).

I want to be all cuddly like couples in moves and TV and I am until its time to go to sleep. I may have been single to long.


  1. lol, yup you still have issues :)

  2. Mike was the same way. We came to a compromise: I wouldn't touch him at night, not even rubbing my feet against his, no contact once so ever, in exchange for him setting his alarm 15 minutes early for cuddle time.

    1. That wouldnt work for me. Gets up for work at 4:15AM and if he woke me up at that time I am most likely going to hurt him...but its a good idea.


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