Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Running in Circles

I think I am in a transitional place in my life. And just when I think I am making progress and about to move forward I am thrown a curve ball.

This weekend I spend a lot of time regrouping and figuring out what path I want my life to take. 

And I think I figured it out.....and then...I am hit with a personal foul.

On Sunday I am just starting to feel better about not being able to get pregnant and to readjust my life...I start to exhibit some very strange symptoms. I won't go into details except to say that I was very nauseous all day. I woke up feeling sick and it didn't change all day.

At some point I start to think maybe what if despite not being able to I am pregnant. 

I know it is a long shot but the thought did cross my mind. 

And I start to get a little excited. I even Googled common early pregnancy symptoms...of the 17 most common ones I had 12. I kept telling myself that there are other reasons that I may be sick but that thought keep returning....what if??

Then on Monday when I woke up sick again...I thought maybe just maybe. 

And then The Ex-Wife/Friend called and the "pseudo" step-daughter has a stomach bug. 

OOOOHHHHH...I am sick not pregnant.

Just when you get things figured out life slaps you in the face and says "How do you like me now?"


  1. That is a bummer, especially when all the signs seem to point towards something you want. Hang in there and get better.

  2. Hang in there! I'm in the same boat.. Emotions can be very controlling! I often think of what I have today and everything I am thankful for to stay positive! HUG! XOXO

    1. I am moving forward and focusing on the positive parts of my life.


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