Thursday, October 25, 2012

Are You a Good Gift Receiver?

A very strange thing happened at the office recently...we had a coworker move on and as a thank you for all her work we got a going away gift. Which she did not accept with grace. In fact she was very rude about it. She was so very very rude that the day after her last day another coworker find the gift with a rude note saying she didn't want the gift and to give it to someone else.

I was shocked that anyone would be that...well I cant even think of a word that can describe what I thought of her behavior. I have tried to step back and look at the situation from several different angles but I still come up blank as to what would cause some one to be so ill-mannered.

After this incident at work I started to wonder am I am good gift receiver? I know I am a good gift giver I put a lot of thought into what people would like and my budget. But do I accept gifts with gratitude and kindness? 

I think I do. I have a person in my life that occasionally (often) gives me gifts for my birthday or Christmas that they think I should like but I don't or I did years ago but my taste has evolved. They have no idea that I am thinking...What the hell do I do with this? 

Recently I received a gift that was lets just say not me. Someone surprised me with an article of clothing and as I am thanking them for thinking of me (I was really touched they got it for me for no reason), I was thinking to myself there is no way I would be caught dead wearing it. I briefly thought don't they know me but I realized that they really liked it and cared enough about me to share something they like. (I am being vague so as not to hurt the persons feelings even though they don't read my blog.) Now I am quietly thinking who can I regift this to?

Isn't that what you are suppose to do? Keep it for a year in the basement then give it to someone who you think will appreciate it more than you do? 

What do you do with gifts that are not your cup of tea?

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