Monday, October 29, 2012

Did You Make This?

Recently on Facebook I had a conversation about...are homemade gifts were good or bad?

The verdict was yes they are good.

The bigger question is why I, the queen of the thoughtful but store bought gift, would be asking about homemade gifts.

This year I am having a cash flow problem due to the whole ruptured appendix that required emergency surgery thing that happened last year. In attempt to pay the hospital in this life time I am sending them every spare nickle and dime I can find. Which has put a damper on my holiday budget.

So as I racked my brain on possible ideas for my holiday gift giving. I made lists and remade them and then made them again. Trying to figure out how to up hold my stellar reputation as a primo gift giver. Yes this is all about my own vanity but I am smart enough to not put myself in what do I do?

I decided my only option was a lot of homemade gifts. But there is only one little teeny tiny problem...I do not have a crafty bone in my body. I know I have talked about it before but my house is seriously full of half finished projects and odd craft supplies. I don't know why I never finish them...okay its because I get bored and would rather watch tv or read a book.

Despite my lack of follow through I started searching Pinterest for ideas. Did you know they have a whole category on crafts? I now have a board on crafts. I have had a board for awhile but never really thought I would do anything with it.

I have a few ideas and I am excited about them...I am sure I will tell you all about the ups and downs.

Are you making homemade gifts this year? What are you making?


  1. Crocheting shrugs for my girls and bestie.

  2. I'm excited to see what you're making me for xmas!

  3. Handmade gifts are the best - I'm sure everyone will love them!


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