Sunday, November 4, 2012

To Change or Not to Change!

I haven't been writing much in the last few weeks.

At first I thought my life was boring and there wasn't much to write about but a lot has happened.

Then I thought I had writers block but I have had several ideas I just never wrote anything.

Soon I was wondering whats going on....why wasn't I writing? And I came to the conclusion I am having a identity crisis. I no longer no what kind of blog I am writing.

At first it was a place to tell the funny stories that happened to me daily. Then it morphed into a diary of sorts where I talked about all the things that are me including book reviews. But the books reviews were clogging everything about so I moved them and it was just a diary of sorts. Then I starting sharing the occasional recipe and that was really popular.

As I started reviewing the last few months a new theme seems to be emerging, that of a loud mouthed small town single girl that turned into a loud mouthed Donna Reed. No not Donna Reed more like frontier woman. But that has been done before by woman much better at it than me.

Whatever is going on at least I have something to write about again.

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