Friday, November 30, 2012

Thank Goodness Thanksgiving is Over...I am Exhausted

I know I know its a week after Thanksgiving and I am finally writing a post about it...but I have been busy.

Thanksgiving is not my favorite time of year.

Don't get me wrong I love the time I get to spend with family, the days of from work and of course the food...I really love the food.

But for me Thanksgiving is a mad dash to the finish line with a flurry of activities and events, by the end I need a few more days off to recover from my vacation.
Grandma's house

This year like every year (except last year stupid appendix) I drive to Idaho and have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at grandmas house. Luckily I didn't have to help cook because my job was to make the pies. I was suppose to make 3 pumpkin pie and 1 banana cream. But then Grandma heard (not from me) that The BF likes lemon meriting pie so she told me to make that also. So now I am making 5 pies and I still have to work every day up to the big day. Be awesome I made them 2 at a time spread out over a week. As I neared the big day I realized I don't like any of those pies so I decided to make one more pie for me...oatmeal. I know what you are thinking but you need to try it first. I will be posting the recipe try it then judge me.

So as you can see I am already tired and its not even Thanksgiving.

Then I drive two hours to grandmas house (why does that always make me want to sing Over the river and through the woods to Grandmothers house we go). I spend a few hours laughing talking and of course eating, but soon its time to pack up and head back to Utah. You see my sister has decided that she is going black Friday shopping and I let her talk me into it and as you may have heard black Friday shopping started on Thursday this year. So after I wrestle and wait I finally make it home around 1145PM. More on this later.

On black Friday I venture out to get a few more things for the kids (I am almost dome with the Christmas shopping, woot woot). Then came home and got pressured into cleaning out my side of the bedroom closet. To be honest it looked like a victim of a natural disaster but now its nice and organized and I cant find a freaking thing...The BF is beyond happy and sometimes that's more important than finding your favorite jeans. Seriously cant find them anywhere.

Baby sister and niece making candy
Saturday is candy making day...its something we do every year in my family it takes all day and we end up with a lot of candy. Its very tiring work. It doesn't sound like it but it really is exhausting.

Then on Sunday its doing all the chores that didn't get done because I was making pies and gone all weekend.

The worse part of all this is I didn't get any good pictures because I left my camera at home...every day. I apologize for my blurry shots. Happy Late Thanksgiving.

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