Monday, December 31, 2012

The BF...You're My Hero

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, but you know how it is during the holiday season. Finishing home a guess, getting ready for Christmas and then there was that about of bronchitis I had. So December was a crazy busy month, but I am back…I think…well I'm hoping I'm back at least.

A month ago I told you I would share the story of how The BF became my hero. I have debated whether I should recount the story after I'll happened a month ago, who really cares of this point?

But I think The BF deserves his props…he's a really good guy, and should get his recognition and in the sun. Plus he spoiled me during the holidays and that is a good thing.

So everybody get in your Time Machine so we traveled to Thanksgiving weekend 2012. The Health Nut Sister begged and begged and begged me to go Black Friday shopping with her, even though I haven't been in the good 10+ years, I decided it could be fun to go Black Friday shopping with my sisters. Although for some reason this year like Friday shopping began on Thursday.

Since I was going I figured I should check the ads for my must-have item. And I found the one thing I had to have…700 thread count sheets for $20.

To be honest, who wouldn't want that, that's a really good deal.

So after spending the day with family and being thankful I now had to the store to fight my way for the deal of the week.

Since we've been traveling The BF was with me when I went shopping. I try and make it a point never to bring a man with me when I shop. They asked too many questions and they distract you from your goal, but it's not like I could leave them in the car. I tried to explain to him what it's like to go shopping a black Friday, but I don't think he really understood how serious it was and how dangerous it can get.

So now I'm in a crush of 50 people around the bin that contains 24 sheets…it was about to get real. Although we were all laughing and joking as we waited for the madness to begin.

The whole time The BF kept saying he was just going to stand back and watch..I told him that's fine just stay out of my way.

As a gets closer and closer to the time I am pushing my way closer and closer to the bin, but so is everybody else. I probably would've been safer cage death match, but there was no way I was walking out of the store that some new sheets.

Finally, the time has come, and everybody literally dives for the bin and just as I'm getting to it the unthinkable happens…somebody steps on my foot, just as the crowd shifts. This shift causes me to start to fall along with 10 other people, I'm about to be trampled to death. When a good Samaritan picks me up and saves me. The unintended consequence was, I was now further away from the bin than when I started.

As I frantically search for a way back in I noticed something amazing, on the other side of the bin was The BF and he was right there in the mix. Under one arm he had a set of sheets and he was reaching for a second set. It was in that moment that I realized how much I love him.

And that is the story of how The BF became my hero… I have never loved him more than when he got me my 700 thread count sheets for $20.

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