Thursday, January 31, 2013

9 Dinner Time Questions
I like to experiment in the kitchen. I am always on the hunt for easy dinners The Family will eat. I try to keep it simple and I try to only add one or two new recipes a week. 

This week I tried a vegetarian meal (it had eggs in it so I guess it was really just meatlesss)...all week long on the menu it said Vegetable Pie (which was really a Veggie Quiche) and all week long everyone asked me, "What's that?" My answer was always the same, "a Vegetable pie...duh." Not very poetic but what can I say.

So last night when I was making dinner I had an audience and I heard the following questions?
  1. That's it?
  2. What kind of meat are you putting in it?
  3. What do you mean no meat?
  4. What gravy are you using?
  5. Whats the green stuff?
  6. What seasoning do you need?
  7. Really you don't need any?
  8. Will it taste good?
  9. Have you made this before?
One might think that I heard these from the "pseudo" step-kids but no everyone if these questions came from The BF. Yup thats right The BF. I am not sure what brought on this barge of questions but I suspecect is he was doubting my cooking quote my favorite movie "as if". Even when my food isn't amazing its still edible so I am not sure why he was doubting my ability.
Dinner looks yummy

 I tried to be patient. I really did and I was once for a moment but about the time we got to question 7 I was annoyed. At question 8 I was requesting everyone leave the kitchen. By 9 I was yelling, "You don't have to eat it. Go hungry I don't care." Not my best response but come on 9 questions doubting my ability.

What is dinner like at your house? Nice and peaceful? Crazy and chaotic? Annoying and fun?


  1. Oh! I can relate. And the questions most often come from DH before any of the picky kids. Last night, Daughter #2 decided to make breakfast for dinner, but instead of pancakes (what everyone expected) she made a "Farmers Breakfast". (Hashbrowns, eggs, onion, red & green peppers) Daughters #1 & #3 acted like it was a personal attack on their taste buds. Sheesh!

  2. Tell Daughter #2 she can come cook that at my house any family loves a "Farmers Breakfast" mother is watering just thinking about it. Luckily we dont have food allergies but the little one things Mac & Cheese out of the box is better than Homemade is obvious her taste buds are deformed.


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