Tuesday, January 8, 2013

OMG OMG...Santa Brought Me Bon Jovi Tickets

At my house I am the one that plans out Christmas from top to bottom, beginning to end, left to right...you get my point right. And as usual I had everything planned out even the gifts The BF bought me. 

You heard that right I planned the gifts he was buying me. I actually picked them out online then used his card to pay for them. Why, you may ask. There are several reasons but mostly because I am a great big control freak and I hate surprises. Even gift surprises. I figure what better way to ensure I get what I want.

So Christmas morning rolls around everyone is going through their stockings to see what Santa brought. Since I "helped" Santa pick everything out I was enjoying the kids getting excited about their treasures. 

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So imagine my surprise when I found an unplanned envelope in my stocking. And imagine how suspicious I was when everyone stopped what they were doing to watch me open the envelope. I reach in a pull out not one but two tickets to the Bon Jovi concert in April. I was beyond excited I MAY have squealed like a 10 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. Its entirely possible that I kept saying Santa got me Bon Jovi tickets, Santa got my Bon Jovi tickets. And I am pretty sure the whole thing is captured on video. But I don't care I got Bon Jovi concert tickets.

The best part is that I know The BF is not a big fan of Bon Jovi. I am not even sure he likes them but he knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and he is willing to sacrifice so that I can enjoy.

So the award for best gift goes to The BF. 

The award for meanest gift goes to my mom and 10 year old niece but more on that after I have got my revenge on them. 

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