Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why are We Feeding My Exwife?

When you are dating your friendsEx-Husband you get to say lots of fun things. Like I am shopping with my boyfriend's ex-wife. But I sometimes forget that the Ex-Wife/Friend also gets to say fun things like I drove my Ex-Husbands new girlfriend to work. For people who don't know the situation they often get a look in their eye like what are you people talking about. It amuses me a lot.

The BF doesn't often make these kind of fun statement. To be honest he tends to pretend that the situation is different. When asked how we meet I think he tells people a friend introduced us. Unlike me who relishes in telling the the story he tends to skip over it.

But occasionally he says something that makes me laugh at our situation.
  • The BF: What are you doing?
  • Me: Making a dinner for Ex-Wife/friend.
  • The BF: Again? Why?
  • Me: Because I want to feed her.
  • The BF: Serious, Why are we feeding my Ex-Wife every night?
  • Me: She drove me to work on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. She didn't ask for gas money and one day she even bought me coffee. So this is how I am repaying her and thanking her.
  • The BF: Really?
  • Me: Yes, she likes when I feed her. So to her its a great way to give back.

These conversations make me realize how really unique and rare we live our lives.

I also realize how blessed it is...we don't always agree and get along but at least we can laugh at ourselves.


  1. That is cute and funny. Not many ppl have good relationships with any sort of Ex so it's cool that you get along so well with your BF's ex.

    1. Thanks Patricia, it makes life interesting.

  2. Yes, You have a really unique situation. I enjoy reading about it.


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