Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Admitting You Have a Problem is the First Step

I read a blog recently that was very inspiring, it caused me to pause and seriously exam my life. Yes it was that good of a post.

So thanks to Stephanie over at Babes Rockin Miami I am going to reveal a secret...okay not a secret but I am going to say something out loud I have never before said out loud. I am fat, and not just OMG my jeans are tight, I am FAT. Seriously fat I'm at least 83 pounds over weight. I am pretty sure they call that obese. I call it Fatty McFatty.

I haven't always been this fat. I use to be less fat but I was always the chubby one, and I don't mean I am 'build" different from my friends although I was I was fat in high school and got fatter in college and even fatter after college. I have horrible eating habits; portion sizes to big, lots of eating out, I am a huge fan of soda, and oh yeah I love sugar!!! I also hate exercise, sweat is yucky.

Notice how I am using the dog to hide my body.
Normally I would say I am okay being fat. I have a pretty face. I am fat and fabulous. Lets face it none of that crap is true. I may be comfortable with who I am but I am not comfortable in my skin. To be honest how could I be comfortable I am 5 foot 1.66 inches tall and I weigh 205 lbs....that'
s obese. I think the term is actually morbidly obese.

.I am also feeling brave enough to make a list of all the reasons I hate being fat.

Reason Being Fat Sucks
  1. My knees hurt all the time. Seriously all the time. walking across the street is painful, standing in the kitchen to cook hurts.
  2. Breathing has become more and more difficult especially going up stairs which is really bad when you live in a split level home.
  3. Clothes that are really cute do not come in plus sizes and if they do they are not as cute on you as they are on your skinnier friends.
  4. No energy....I am drained all the time. All I want to do is sit because I am so tired all the time.=, even simple tasks are hard.
  5. Being described as cute for someone my size...seriously true story, people say really dumb things  to you when you are fat.
I know in the past I have said I am going to get healthy and lose weight, I have said that a lot. I have never admitted how overweight I am. I think being honest and saying the words out loud and being honest about how fat I am is the first step in my recovery...do they have fatties anonymous?

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