Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm Sorry, So Sorry

When was the last time you said, "I am sorry" and meant it? Really meant, not just said it because its the right thing to do or to diffuse a situation. I am not sure the last time I did that...I apologized to the 'pseudo" Step-son recently and The BF and meant. I told my Health Nut Sister sorry just yesterday but I only partially meant it.

The other day I had an interesting conversation with an old friend from college. He was calling to say hi and to apologize for something that happened between us 12+ years ago. He told me that it was something that had been on his heart recently and felt that he should say I am sorry.
I was floored I had forgotten all about the incident and now that I am looking back I realized that it changed our friendship and did impact me but not in a horribly adverse way and I moved forward.  It wasn't something horribly bad or illegal and not even immoral.

What moved me the most was that he still cared about me (as a friend) enough to call me and say I am sorry. This got me thinking how often do I apologize? I like to think I apologize when I am wrong...if I think I am wrong. But I have never apologized for something that happened years ago.

For the most part I am a good person despite a slight leaning towards evil (those college years were fun) when I was younger, so I am sitting hear pondering how many apologies do I owe people.

There are a few and I am going to call/email those people but there is one person I lost track of that I really need to say I am sorry. Briefly in time I dated this nice guy back when I was channeling my evil side. I was a really bad girlfriend...you know the manipulative, mean, controlling girl. I was the girlfriend that his wife (I heard he got married) probably curses on a daily basis. I am not saying I have the power to affect a person so greatly but I did...I was horrible. If I knew where he was I would call and apologize to him and his wife.

Do you need to apologize to someone in your life? I highly recommend that you do...its freeing in the most amazing way.

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