Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sex and Cars...What Else is There to Talk About?

This post is going to get a little naughty. If you are very innocent and blush easily you can still read this post like I said its just a little naughty. I just want to be honest from the get go.

This morning I had another issue with my car. I don't think its a bad car just a cheap car that is approaching 100,000 miles and I am pretty sure it was never suppose to get that many miles, so there are all these little things that are starting to go wrong.

Today my car would not start...when I tried to start it all I got was a lot of click click click noises. Not being as car savvy as I should be, I called a lot of people to figure out 1. Why my car was not running? 2. How am I getting to work and getting the "pseudo" step-kids to their summer program?  3. How will I get home from work? 4. How much will it cost me to fix whatever is wrong with my car?

Luckily my brother works close by my house so he took a few minutes over and determined I needed a new battery, which was not surprising my car still had the original battery and its a 2005. But during the course of all my calling I had the following conversation with my mom.
  • Me: Can The BF change the battery when he gets home or is this something I have to have done at shop?
  • My Mom: He can do it. You could even do it.
  • Me: I couldn't do it.
  • My Mom: Yes you could. I could do it. You just unhook it and put then put the new one in.
  • Me: I could't do it.
  • My Mom: Michael, you could do it, its easy.
  • Me: Mom that's why I have sex with The BF so he will do these kinds of things for me.
My mom wisely chose to ignore my last comment, I am sure mostly because she thinks I am a smarty pants. 

Later that day after going to buy a new battery I had the following conversation with The BF.
  • Me: Honey thank you for taking out my battery and going with me to get a new one and replacing it. I really apperciate you doing all this for me.
  • The BF: The things I do to get laid.
That's right he said that. This is why we are together despite are many many many differences we speak the same language of smutty smart a**.

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