Monday, June 3, 2013

Still On My Weight Loss Journey

Despite not blogging for awhile I have been still working on my weight loss journey. It has not been  easy...37 years of bad habits are hard to brake. But I like to think I am a work in progress and like stinky cheese I get better with age (I am a little self deprecating this week).

In case you are also on this journey with me,  I thought I would share some of my ups and downs.


  • I have steadily lost 1-2 lbs a week.
  • I am finally getting in the habit of drinking a LOT of water. 
  • It looks like I will be able to wear my very cute black and white dress (with my red FMPs) to my sister hasn't fit for awhile.
  • I'm starting to feel more energetic.
  • My knees hurt less.
  • I had a bad few weeks and I ate a lot of sugar...mostly Snickers milk Shakes from Arctic Circle. The first week I still lost 1 lbs the second I didn't lose but luckily didn't gain.
  • I have developed Plantar Fasciitis...this is insanely painful especially in the morning or after I have been sitting for awhile or during exercising..pretty much all the time.
  • I have not been able to kick the soda habit. I try and try and try but beyond the caffeine and sugar high I really like the taste of Coke, its so good. 
  • I have been discouraged that I am not losing weight faster...I want immediate results. I know that is unhealthy and I am working on celebrating the little successes. Like my clothes are a little less tight. 
In case you want to know, here are my habit changes for the week.

Good Habit: Add strength training into my daily least three times this week.

Bad Habit: No shakes, candy or soda for the week.

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