Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Am I Really a Modern Girl?

Recently I over heard a coworker ordering flowers for her boyfriend. My initial response was, "Why is she doing that? He should send her flowers."


Yes, I thought those words.

I couldn't decide why I thought it was strange. I am not a person big on getting flowers. I would rather you buy me a book but why would I think she shouldn't send flowers. She likes getting flowers so it makes sense she would send them.

I really am wondering if I am as 'open minded' as I think I am. Maybe I am really an old fashioned type of girl. Which is a perfectly wonderful way to be if that is what you want. But even if you are old fashioned you can still send your partner flowers. Right?

The whole thing has me questioning if I am really the modern thinker I have always thought? My mom and sisters and most people who know me would say YES. But it is clear that some where deep down I belief in traditional gender roles.

I am not saying if it is good or bad, Its just a little shocking to realize that about myself. And to admit that I secretly would like The BF to bring me home a bouquet of flowers but not roses...I don't like roses. I am not that traditional.

I am rambling...as usual. My mind is wondering all over this topic.

I will end with asking when was the last time you sent flowers to your partner and when was the last time you received flowers?

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