Monday, June 24, 2013

Whats Your Blood Pressure Number?

The other day I got the following text from The BF:
  • Hey we got my blood pressure down to 128/85
I was over joyed because even though it was still high it was better than the last time he had it taken which was some where between I am about to have a stroke or heart attack and I am already dead. Seriously last time I was sure if he didn't marry me in the next 3 months he would be dead and I would forever be alone. I am dramatic that way.

I am glad his is coming down. The number one change, we rarely eat processed food anymore and we only go out about once a month. This not only saves us A LOT of money but has the added benefit of knowing how much sodium is in the food we eat. He has cut down on the amount of caffeine he drinks,, alcohol and we eat more vegetables. Which has lead to this dramatic decrease. Next its all about exercising and stress management for him.  I think we need to stress the stress management.

After his text I started thinking about blood pressure. And what does it really mean? If you have low blood pressure dies that mean you are healthy? If that is the case then I am healthier than I though after all last time I had it checked it was 117/68. And that was high for me. So if blood pressure is the only indicator then I am going to live forever!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Unfortunately blood pressure is not the only indicator of your over all health. Which makes me sad because I would really like to have a cupcake when I get home.

So in an attempt to understand how healthy I am or I am not I am making a goal in the next three months ( I know this sounds like a long time but it a crazy time of year) I will know what my LDL, HDL, blood sugar, resting heat rate, temperature, rate at which my hair grows and anything else the doctor thinks I should know about.

Do you know all the your important numbers? Take the challenge with me. And discover if you as healthy as you think.

Here are this weeks goals.

Good Habit: Exercise 5 times this week for at least thirty minutes. I haven't been doing well with this over the last few weeks.

Bad Habit: No sweets. Last week was bad and now I am craving sugar and wondering if there is any cake left from my sisters wedding.
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