Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Birthday...Its All Downhill From Here!

Today is my Birthday.

It is the one day every year when your friends and family say, "Hey I am glad you lived another year!!!"

This is a big birthday for me I am turning 38. I know its not that big of a birthday and I am not all freaked out by turning 38. I have been telling everyone I am turning 38.

The reason its a big deal is this is the year that my Grandma is officially double my age. That's right when she was my age she was expecting to be a grandma for the first time. She also had a 9 year old son, (Hi Uncle Craig).

I think its appropriate that on this birthday I tell you about my awesome Grandma.

Yup that is baby me.
The first thing you should know is I look a lot like her. In fact change the hair and that could almost be a picture of me taken today (this answers the question of where did I get that chin).

I also think I am a lot like her. We have similar tastes in decor. I am not sure where I get my love of books from but I think its genetic and I got it and my chin from her. We even have the same favorite color...purple.

We also think a lot a like despite our 38 age difference. I am not sure if she is very modern or I am a bit old fashioned...I think she is progressive. We even like the same kind of wine and soda...but not the same kind of beer. A girl has to assert her independence some times.

We really have some many similarities I could not possibly list them all.

I love you Grandma I can not wat to see you today.

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