Monday, October 7, 2013

Let's Dance

Do you know that saying/song/inspirational quote, "Dance Like No One is Watching"?

I hate that saying/song/inspirational quote.

It really bugs me....I don't know about you but I dance the same regardless if people are watching or not and I dance any where the mood strikes.

Not really any where. I don't dance in meetings (that is not true either I just danced last Wednesday during our office meeting) or when I am sitting in the court room but I do occasionally dance at the office. Not to long ago while grocery shopping with my mom, a song came on and I started doing a little dance. My mom started laughing and said, "I forgot how much fun you are to take grocery shopping."

I try and get my nieces and "pseudo" step-daughter to dance with me in public...I have found that once they reach a certain age they don't want to do it but when they are young they will be silly with me. A few nights ago while I was with my 5 year old niece she and I danced in the rain, we didn't even need music.

I find dancing relaxing and it helps when stress level are high. Not to mention when there is a lot of tension in a room a little shake rattle and roll helps everyone to laugh. I find that when you are with family tension and stress levels can some times be high.

Strangely enough I don't dance when I am by myself...its always when I am with people and often I am being silly. I am less stressed when I am by myself and so I don't feel the need to have that tension release. Its entirely possible that I would have made a great hermit.

Since being a hermit is not in the cards for me. I want to be one of those older ladies on youtube that some videoed dancing while waiting for the bus, in line at the grocery store and especially at family gatherings.

My wish for you is to forget about if someone is watching or not and just dance.

The inspiration for this post came from Story Dam. Please check out this wonderful site for writers by writers. 

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