Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Practically Perfect in Everyway

Have you ever thought about your bad habits? Neither have I. Of course I don't have any bad habits.

Really I don't have any....that is just how I roll.

Of course The BF may not agree with me on that but he doesn't understand yet that I am perfect and perfect people don't have bad habits. He thinks I am amazing and wonderful but I haven't been able to convince him I am perfect...and I have no idea why.

Just because from the moment I get home I leave a trial of items behind me doesn't mean I am not perfect. It just means I am done with that item not that I am a messy.

Having stacks and stacks of books laying all over the house doesn't mean I an not perfect. Those piles are very specific not that I am a hoarder.

And just because I leave my clean clothes in the laundry basket until I wear them again just means I am saving my energy for something else.

These are all habits of highly perfect people I can't help it he doesn't understand the brilliance of my perfection.

Okay I am not being serious but its important to remember when your partner is doing that one thing that makes you want to slam you head into a wall that you have just as many personality quarks that make them want to run screaming into the night.

I am telling you this to remind myself  no one is perfect...although I am pretty sure I am really close to it. *wink wink*

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