Thursday, October 31, 2013

To Trick or To Treat

The Ex-Wife/Friend and The BF are mad at the "pseudo" step-son. It's become quite hostile in our home and all because he decided not to go trick or treating this year and they will have 1 less lid to steal candy from.

I have learned since becoming a "pseudo" step-mom that one of the benefits of having kids is stealing their candy but they are being a little ridiculous.

I tried to explain that you can just go buy Halloween candy on November 1st for a fraction of the cost and you don't have to share it with the kids. But I guess they feel that if they have to take one kid trick or treating they should take both kids and get the maximum amount of candy.

The keep pestering him to go trick or treating...its a little comical how desperate they are about it. Any second now their will be an ultimatum, "go beg the neighbors for candy or else." They told him that if he doesn't go then no candy. I assured him he can have candy and to remember who is really in charge in our weird little family.

I feel like he is about to give in to their demands, I am supporting him 100% and I don't have an ulterior motive....okay maybe I do. This year I am making him hand out candy to the kids while I am playing on the internet. This new development is really working in my favor, so much so I am going to go buy him a bag of marked down candy tomorrow that he doesn't have to share.. I wouldn't want him to change his mind about trick or treating next year.

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