Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Not My Fun Day

Sunday is never a rest day around here. For some reason I don't get much done on Saturday, so Sunday is the day were all my weekend tasks get done.

Every weekend I try and get stuff done on Saturday but it never happens

Here is the list of things I want to get done today.

  1. Drink coffee. (You have to put something on your list that is a sure to get completed)
  2. Watch football. (just in case I get nothing done I can cross of two things)
  3. Laundry. (This is started but takes all day..I hate doing laundry)
  4. Cut up pineapple and freeze. (pineapple pancakes, pineapple chicken and pineapple pizza)
  5. Puree tomatoes and freeze. (more spaghetti sauce (to make next weekend), diced tomatoes, tomato sauce)
  6. Defrost turkey. (Its whats for dinner tomorrow night)
  7. Cut up and freeze strawberries. (I have no plans I just found a really good deal)
  8. Cook lunch. (I feel like PB&J)
  9. Cook dinner. (More PB&J)
  10. Finish 2 blog posts 
  11. Start 2 more blog posts.
  12. Take a nap. (pretty sure this will get done also)
  13. Make body wash (this is half way done)
That seems like a huge list I wonder if I will get it all done.

What are you doing today?

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