Saturday, October 12, 2013

Its in Her Walk

Recently I was compliment on my walk. Yup, my walk. I was told I had a runway walk. I laughed it off because as someone who is 5'1" and over weighted I was pretty sure the person was just being kind. 

Then I started thinking why did I blow of the compliment. The person who said it is a nice person and probably not very familiar with runway walks but they are also not one to make a comment with out truly meaning it. And although at the time I laughed and said thank you I dismissed the compliment completely. 

Upon further reflection (my mind wanders a lot) I started wondering what did my friend mean by the saying I had a good walk. I started thinking about that day and I realized that I had had a REALLY good day. I was feeling very confident and I had also been spending time with sweet adoring niece. Not to mention I was in love with my outfit. To say that my confidence was high at the moment may have been an understatement. 

When my friend saw me walk from the house to the car my head was high, my gait was strong and I was smiling. I was feeling like a model only I wasn't hungry. 

I am not sure why I am telling you all this other than to say next time you get a compliment accept it. Let it wash over, seep into your skin and drip into your psyche become the compliment.

What is a compliment you you received but didn't "accept"?

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