Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Conversation Between Two Sister

Last night while I was lost in thought and contemplating all the mysteries of the universe, my Health Nut Sister and I had the following text conversation.
  • Health Nut Sister: I want u to know your hug was suspicious earlier
  • Me: Are you fucking serious? I was trying to be nice you seemed stressed.
  • Health Nut Sister: I'm always stressed.
  • Me: I thought you needed support and I was trying to give you some of my strength and Zen through physical touch...apparently I need to work on my transference.
  • Me: I am blogging about this
  • Health Nut Sister: U never usually hug me just to hug. It almost seemed like a hug of an apology like u were apologizing for a future incident.
  • Me: I have no plans to do anything bad to you...I was trying to be supportive.
  • Me: My feelings are seriously hurt.
  • Health Nut Sister: I didn't think u would do anything bad persay more something that u would make me do for my own good kind of big sister thing.
  • Health Nut Sister: I was not meaning to hurt more investigating.
Yes that is right I was accused of giving a suspicious hug because that is how we roll in my family.

Okay okay in my sisters defense I do make her do things that I believe are good for her but its only because I am right and she should really listen to me more often. 

And she pulls the little sister card out all the time. Today she wanted to come to the office and update her resume, she shows ups and hands me a hair tie and asked me to french braid her hair. My sister is 33 and I am still french braiding her hair even though she knows how to french braid. 

You boss siblings around, give suspicious hugs and you french braid hair even when you are both grown up and have families with kid.

You may notice that I never blog about conversation I have with the little sister...that is because she often doesn't answer my texts and she wants approval of all posts about her....she cracks me up. Everyone knows all is fair in war and blogging. 


  1. That was frigging hilarious! You made my whole night!

  2. Awe this made me wish I had a sister. You just don't get that kind of interaction with brothers.

    1. No conversations with brothers are completely different

  3. You never write about me....not complaining I think I prefer it that way, but just a statement of fact


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