Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can I be Your Hero

Last night when I arrived home the "pseudo" stepdaughter says to me, "MJ you might find a surprise upstairs on your bed."

Curious to what she has created for me I walk into my room and find a hand made card. The "pseudo" stepdaughter is always making cards or pictures for me but this one caught my attention.

Check it out she thinks I am a Hero. I have been called lots of thinks Angel, Cheerleader, Sister, Daughter, along with some not so nice names but no one has ever called me a hero. I was so touched, I almost cried.

So I opened my card and on the inside I find this list:

Look a list of my wonderful qualities...I think. Although I find it odd that she thinks being on time is such a good quality. She is 8 should she be so concerned with being on time? On the other hand I am excited that she thinks I am cool...I always thought I was cool but it's good to have confirmation.

This was the back of the card. Which to be honest I found to be the most interesting (after the hero and cool part). Doesn't it remind you of an album cover/tattoo from the mid 80's? Should we worry that this is what she drew? We like to rock an 80's time from time to time but we don't have any albums lying around the house for to get inspiration from....possibly because we don't have any albums. Looking at the picture I can hear the electric guitar and mournful lyrics from my youth.

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