Monday, November 18, 2013

Do You Lie About Your Bra Size?

Recently I wondered about people who keep secrets their entire life...its seems so hard. How do they do that?

This naturally lead to me wondering do I have any secrets left to tell.

I joke about being an open book, ask and I will tell you most anything. Add in a personal blog that I use like my diary and therapist, there is not much left to tell.

I have spent days and days trying to think of a secret...and I can't think of a single secret.  Well not one worth writing an entire blog post about. I did think of several little ones..
  1. I smoked cigarettes for 6 weeks in college.
  2. That wasn't the only thing I smoked in college...I really liked cigars.
  3. Once I cheated on a boyfriend, not the current one.
  4. Sometimes I fake being ill because I don't want to do something.
  5. I lie about my bra size.
Okay that last one might just merit a blog post.

Yes I lie about my bra size.

Do you find this shocking? I would wager a bet that more women lie than do not lie (have you seen the all the padding in the bra section of any store).

I don't lie about them being bigger I lie and say they are smaller. Mostly just one cup size smaller, occasional two cups smaller. The idea of admitting my actual cup size freaks me out, it causes me to have panic attacks. I won't even admit it to myself  out loud so how can I admit it to the store clerk, my mother, my boyfriend. 

I have been lying about them for as long as I can remember. Its embarrassing to have the unenhanced bra size that I do...its not natural. 

So here I am admitting to everyone that my cup size is...I can't do it. I really can't. Even now I want to be honest but I refuse to admit it. I am in such strong denial that I won't buy the correct bra sizes if I am shopping with someone....Do you have any idea how many time I have had to return a bra? Its truly ridiculous. Who does that? 

I am not going to tell you but I wonder if they have a bra size lying anonymous like alcoholics anonymous.

Can you imagine those 12 steps? The first step would be admitting you have no power over your bra size. In the meetings you would say Hi, My name is Michael and I am a... We could hold meetings at Lane Bryant and have protests at Victoria Secrets for not having supportive bras in larger sizes for all natural girls.

Now that you know my deep dark secret...what is yours?

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