Friday, November 8, 2013

Stockings and Garters and Corsets...Oh My

Mom this is one of those posts you will want to stop reading right now.

Dad you should probably stop reading also.

Ex-Wife/Friend STOP READING!!!!!!

Earlier tonight a friend "checked-in" to a Lingerie & Novelty Boutique on Facebook, after some fun teasing I started wondering do men really like lingerie? Is this something they want?

I do not wear lingerie. I have always been of the believe that is nice but why spend all that money on something you wont be wearing very long and will just end up balled up on the floor. You are going to end up naked why not start that way, save your money for more books.

But then I asked The BF what he thought and he said lingerie is sometimes nice. What!!! I had no idea. Now I feel like I am boring and frumpy.

Do I run out and buy something lacy and silky as a special treat? Does he like white and innocent? Black and naughty? Red and sultry? What about stocking and garters? See through nighties? Corsets? Cute and frilly? And lets not forget leather...leather sounds nice.

The options are endless and slightly overwhelming.

But then luckily I remembered one very important thing, The BF may like a lingerie but he really likes naked.

No need to panic, I have decided to give him my most guarded sizes and  measurements. If he would like to see me in lingerie he can buy it and I will wear it. Until then I will do what I have always can not go wrong with naked.

I think I over shared, again.


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