Friday, February 28, 2014

Where Oh Where is my Sapphire?

Today I was planning on having a productive day. Seriously I was. No really I had plans I was going to accomplish a lot of things.

Number one on my list clean off my desk at work. It was a mess and crowded...and I rally couldn't get anything done. Step 1. take everything off my desk. Step 2. wipe it down. Step 3 decide what is going back and what is not. Step 4 decide what I was doing with all the stuff that wasn't going back on my desk.

It was all going so good, I got all the way through step 2 when I started having a conversation with a coworker. I happened to glance down at my engagement ring and noticed I could see my finger beneath took me a second to release my sapphire was missing from my ring.

Let the panic ensue. To say I was upset is an understatement. I was trying hard not to panic as I calmly tried to retrace my steps. And since I had been cleaning off my desk that meant that it could have been anywhere in my office.

Soon all my coworkers and I were crawling around the office, looking in garbage cans, and carefully dumping out the contents in my purse trying to find the thing. Realizing that it could be anywhere I call The Fiance and tell him to start looking for it at home.

After reassembling my purse I decide to check outside and in my car. As I carefully backtrack my steps to my car and find nothing my despair and panic is getting worse. I am almost in tears by the time I open my car door and start looking around on the floor. I glanced at the seat of my car and again almost start crying again because sitting there as if it was enjoying a drive was my sapphire.

I immediately snatch it up as if I am saving the world from certain doom and run back into the office. I carefully wrap it and the ring in saran wrap and place it in a baggie then safely tuck it into my now very clean purse.

I am now left wondering why all the panic. Yes it would have been sad but I would still be engagement. The Fiance would still love me, we would still get married and live "happily" ever after. I just kept thinking it's a symbol of The Fiance's love...I won't have that symbol. Its a silly thought, I knew he loved me before I got the ring.

Thankfully it all ended well but my finger feels very very naked.

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